Members 会员

The current membership strength of the Life Art Society stands at 650. Members come from all walks of life, consisting of professional artists as well as university professors, doctors, lawyers,engineers and accountants. Besides traditional Chinese members, we have others comprising of Malay, Indian and European origins. Our Society is a representation and reflection of the multi-racial and multi-culture flavors of the Singapore cosmopolitan society. 

The members of Life Art Society are mostly Singaporean, there are many from other parts of the world also, including countries like China, America, Britain, Russia, Holland, Australia, India, Germany, France ,Korea, Japan etc. 


会员大部分是新加坡人,也有来自中国、美国、英国、俄国、荷兰、澳洲、印度、德国、 法国、日本、韩国及印尼等。