To promote Chinese art and to welcome the year of the Pig, Life Art Society and SMRT jointly organised large scale ‘HuiChun’ marathon event (2) to celebrate Lunar New Year.

On 16 February 2019, Life Art Society artists were at Chao Chu Kang Bus Interchange from 8.30am to 12.30pm to create Chinese paintings and calligraphy for the public free of charge.

Respond was overwhelming with large crowd queuing for their favourite Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting.

Many of the audience told Life Art Society President Professor Tan Khim Ser that they are excited to see the artists performing calligraphy and Chinese painting at close proximity, providing them an opportunity to appreciate Chinese rich culture of 5000 years and at the same time receive their desired art work. Several elderly were full of gratitude explaining that they love Chinese painting and calligraphy but never have the chance to own one. With Life Art Society’s ‘HuiChun’ events, it allows them the opportunity to own an art work is like a dream come true.

The public are looking forward to Life Art Society’s next ‘HuiChun’ event.  Many of them said they have been following Life Art Society’s artists from 2019 River Hongbao ‘HuiChun’ and SMRT ‘HuiChun’ event 1 at Esplanade MRT station to SMRT ‘HuiChun’ event 2 at Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange. This is indeed a tremendous support and motivation to all Life Art Society artists.

Life Art Society’s objective is to create more awareness and promote Chinese culture, we hope through these ‘HuiChun’ activities the public have a better understanding of Chinese arts and the importance of preserving culture and heritage through generations.



更生美术研究会的书画家团队于2月16日早上8点30分至下午12点30分在蔡厝港巴士转换站(Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange)现场为公众义务“挥春“迎接新春佳节,受到民众热烈的反应。








照片:2019年2月16日 – SMRT挥春活动(2)蔡厝港巴士转换站


Second from right Guest of Honor Minister for Health Mr Gan Kim Yong, third from right SMRT Chairman Mr Seah Moon Ming, sixth from right Life Art Society President Professor Tan Khim Ser with the artists


From left Life Art Society President Professor Tan Khim Ser and SMRT Chairman Mr Seah Moon Ming


Public queuing for the free Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy


Public queuing for the free Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy


Life Art Society artists, from right Benny Khong, Alan Tan, Quek Chay Hoon


Life Art Society artist Shirley Bok


Life Art Society artist Lee Wah Fong


Life Art Society President Professor Tan Khim Ser with the artists, left Yang Shwn Fen, right Du Feng


Life Art Society artist Yeo Kwee Hua